Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Spend a summer working on cutting-edge imaging science research as part of the STROBE community! STROBE is an NSF Science and Technology Center coordinating six institutions across the US to build the microscopes of tomorrow. Our research includes visible, x-ray, nano-probe, and electron microscopy, and has applications across materials science, basic physics and chemistry, and biological systems. We have research opportunities at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of California at Berkeley, Fort Lewis College, Florida International University, and the University of California at Irvine (see below for specific research descriptions at each site).

All programs include a $4,000–5,000 stipend and additional funding may be available for housing/travel for those who need it.

Program dates vary but are typically 8–10 weeks, include research in a mentored lab experience, supporting group and social activities and community networking, and academic, science, and career development opportunities. Undergraduates will present their summer findings at the STROBE Summer Undergraduate Research Scholar Symposium in July 2020.

Deadline for application: February 7, 2020. STROBE Undergraduate Researchers will be notified in March 2020.

Application Form ✎

You can find information and tips for preparing your application on our FAQs and Resources page.

Please direct questions to STROBE's Associate Director of Education, Dr. Ellen Keister, at

STROBE Labs Participating in the SURS Program

University of California, Los Angeles (June 21 – August 14/28)

University of California, Berkeley (June 8 – August 14)

University of Colorado Boulder (June 8 – August 14)

Fort Lewis College

Florida International University

University of California Irvine (June 21 – August 14)

SURS Past Participants