STROBE Events Calendar

All times shown are Mountain Standard Time (Denver, CO, USA).

Nano Research Thrust Meeting

STROBE Central Education Meeting with Bob Megginson (Boulder)

STROBE Central Meeting with Laura Oliphant (Boulder)

STROBE Self-Evaluation Meeting

STROBE Central Finance Meeting (Boulder)

STROBE Undergraduate Summer Scholar Symposium

STROBE Central Meeting with Dennis Matthews (Boulder)

STROBE Central Meeting with Berkeley CITRIS (Boulder, Berkeley)

STROBE Central Meeting with CU Strategic Media Relations (Boulder)

STROBE at Portal to the Public (Boulder)

Test Seminar Series Event

Panel: What Can the Engineering Management Program Do For My STEM Career? (Boulder)

STROBE Central Communications Meeting (Boulder)

Undergraduate Education Meeting

STROBE Central Meeting with CU Office of Industry Collaboration, OCG (Boulder)

STROBE Central Visits Berkeley (Boulder, Berkeley)

Panel: Building Your Mentoring Team (Boulder)

STROBE Central Visits Norfolk State University (Boulder, NSU)

STROBE Central Industry Meeting - Intel (Boulder)

STROBE Central Education Landscape Analysis Meeting (Boulder)

STROBE Central / LHS Meeting (Boulder, LHS)

STROBE Central Budget Meeting (Boulder, Berkeley)

EMP Collaboration Meeting (Boulder)

PREM Meeting (Fort Lewis/Boulder/NSU)

STROBE Central Budget Meeting (Boulder)

Student-Postdoc Council Meeting

CU Boulder Physics Colloquium on STROBE: Dr. John Miao, UCLA

STROBE Central Visits FIU (Boulder, FIU)

SPC Workshop: Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python

STROBE Tutorial Meeting (Boulder)

CU PRIME Collaboration Meeting (Boulder)

Exploring Your Universe (UCLA)

STROBE Central / UCLA Education Meeting (Boulder, UCLA)

STROBE Central / UCI Meeting (Boulder, UCI)

STROBE Central / FLC Meeting (Boulder, FLC)

Best Practices: High School Students in Research Labs (Boulder)

SPC Panel: Internships During your PhD

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

STROBE Seminar: Research Talk 6

STROBE Seminar: Graduate Student Research Talk 2

STROBE Seminar: Professional Development 4

STROBE Seminar: Research Talk 5

STROBE Seminar: Graduate Student Research Talk 1


STROBE Seminar: Research Talk 4

STROBE Seminar: Professional Development 3

STROBE Seminar: Research Talk 3

STROBE Seminar: Professional Development 2

STROBE Seminar Presents Dr. Rafael Piestun: "Adaptive Imaging Science"

STROBE Seminar: Training 1

STROBE Seminar: Professional Development 1

STROBE Seminar Presents Dr. Ralph Jimenez: Entangled Photon Imaging

STROBE Seminar: Intro to Seminar, IDP, and StrengthsFinder

PREM Director's Meeting (Fort Lewis)

CNSI Presents "Careers in Tech Entrepreneurship Panel" (UCLA/Streaming)

STROBE Central Visits Fort Lewis for Undergraduate Research Day

EAC Chair Meeting with Director, Deputy Director

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

UCLA / STROBE Central Education Touch Base Meeting (Boulder/UCLA)

STROBE Central / FIU Meeting (FIU/Boulder)

Intel Recruitment Chat with STROBE and WiSE (Boulder)

SMART Collaboration Meeting (Boulder)

Bjoern Enders: Ptychography Chat (Boulder/UCLA/LBNL)

PREM Meeting (Fort Lewis/Boulder/NSU)

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

Strategy & Evaluation Committee Meeting

Tutorial #4: Dr. Emrah Bostan, UC Berkeley

Center-wide Tutorial: 3D Electron Tomography, Dr. Peter Ercius, LBNL

Center-wide Tutorial: Optical Nano-probe Imaging, Dr. Markus Raschke & Dr. Eric Mueller, CU Boulder

STROBE Executive Committee Meeting

Center-wide Tutorial: Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Dr. Dan Adams

Strategy & Evaluation Committee Meeting

EMP Collaboration Meeting (Boulder)

PHeT Collaboration Meeting (Boulder)

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

Combined Thrust I Education / SUPER Meeting (Boulder)

STROBE STUDENT-POSTDOC COUNCIL PRESENTS: “Exploring Career Options for Scientists and Engineers”

Strategy & Evaluation Committee Meeting

UCLA Broadcast: Careers in Imaging & Visualization for Graduate Students & Postdocs

Student-Postdoc Council Meeting

Student-Postdoc Council Meeting

Student-Postdoc Council Meeting

STROBE Seminar: Dr. Rafael Piestun

STROBE Award Start Date

STROBE Industry Advisory Board Meeting

STROBE Seminar: Prof. Jim Fienup

STROBE Alumni Talk: Jennifer Bales, Patent Lawyer

Strategic Plan Assessment Lunch Meeting

Annual Report Review Meeting

Thrust Overview Reports Due

Project Reports and Highlights Due

Education Team Meeting

International Short Course on the Frontiers of Electron Tomography in the Physical Sciences (LBNL)

International Workshop on the Frontiers of Electron Tomography in the Physical Sciences (LBNL)

Electron Team Meeting, Part 2

Electron Team Meeting, Part 1

STROBE Seminar: Dr. Colin Ophus

Knowledge Transfer Team Meeting

STROBE Seminar: Dr. Pietro Musumeci & Dr. Jose Rodriguez

STROBE Executive Committee Meeting

STROBE Talk: Dr. Richard Haight, IBM

STROBE Executive Committee Meeting

STROBE Electron/Underpinning Team Meeting

STROBE Seminar: Dr. Markus Raschke

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