Welcome to the STROBE Science & Technology Center

The STROBE Science & Technology Center is a collaborative exchange between six universities across the United States to advance imaging science and technology and build the microscopes of the future. STROBE aims to transform imaging science and technology of functioning nano-systems by creating powerful and broadly-applicable real-time nano-to-atomic scale imaging modalities. This technology addresses global grand challenges in science and technology, while building a strong, diverse, STEM workforce.

As discoveries in science and technology proliferate at the nanometer and atomic scales, real-time functional imaging, which gives researchers the ability to detect what is happening at those tiny scales, becomes increasingly important. This center aims to advance real-time functional imaging by moving away from the current approach of using microscopes that employ static imaging,  or a single imaging method, and instead develop microscopes that can capture functioning systems and/or combine different methods — using visible, X-ray, nano-probe and electron imaging. Ultimately, STROBE will enhance understanding of both the structure and function of  materials and biological nano-systems.

STROBE is part of the 2016 class of National Science Foundation Science & Technology Centers awarded in October 2016. STROBE brings together scientists and students from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of California at Berkeley, Fort Lewis College, Florida International University, and the University of California at Irvine. Several national laboratories, industries and international institutions are also partnering with STROBE.

STROBE Highlights