STROBE Leadership Team

University of Colorado

Margaret Murnane
Director and PI
Markus Raschke
Education Director, Nano Imaging Lead and co-PI
Henry Kapteyn
Knowledge Transfer Director
Rafael Piestun
Graduate Education Lead and co-PI
Noah Finkelstein
Education Thrust IV Lead
Anne-Barrie Hunter
Evaluation and Assessment
Jorge Nicolás (Nico) Hernández Charpak
Associate Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer
Lauren Mason
Associate Director of Communication & Operations
Ellen Keister
Associate Director of Education
Sarah Schreiner
Assistant Director of Outreach & Broadening Participation


Naomi Ginsberg
Electron Imaging Lead and co-PI
Roger Falcone
Knowledge Transfer Associate Director
Colette Patt
Diversity Associate Director
Laura Waller
Cross-Cutting Team Lead
Rena Dorph
Elizabeth Stage
Jessie Woodcock
Faculty Support Administrator


John Miao
Deputy Director and co-PI
Rita Blaik
Knowledge Transfer Associate Director
Françoise Quéval
Education Associate Director
Nickie Ng

UC Irvine

Franklin Dollar

Florida Int. Univ.

Laird Kramer
Education Associate Director

Fort Lewis College

Ryan Haaland
Education Associate Director