STROBE Leadership Team

University of Colorado

Margaret Murnane
Director and PI
Markus Raschke
Education Director, Nano Imaging Lead and co-PI
Henry Kapteyn
Knowledge Transfer Director
Rafael Piestun
Graduate Education Lead and co-PI
Heather Lewandowski
Undergraduate Education
Anne-Barrie Hunter
Evaluation and Assessment
Jorge Nicolás (Nico) Hernández Charpak
Associate Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer
Lauren Mason
Associate Director of Communication & Operations
Ellen Keister
Associate Director of Education
Sarah Schreiner
Assistant Director of Outreach & Broadening Participation


Naomi Ginsberg
Electron Imaging Lead and co-PI
Roger Falcone
Knowledge Transfer Associate Director
Laura Waller
Cross-Cutting Team Lead
Jessie Woodcock
Faculty Support Administrator


John Miao
Deputy Director and co-PI
Rita Blaik
Knowledge Transfer Associate Director
Françoise Quéval
Education Associate Director
Nickie Ng

UC Irvine

Franklin Dollar

Florida Int. Univ.

Fort Lewis College

Kay Phelps