STROBE Publications


Spatially Resolved Exciton and Charge Transport in Emerging Semiconductors

N.S. Ginsberg, W.A. Tisdale, Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 71, (2020).

Self validating Mueller matrix Micro–Mesoscope (SAMMM) for the characterization of biological media

I. Saytashev, S. Saha, J. Chue-Sang, P. Lopez, M. Laughrey, J.C. Ramella-Roman, Optics Letters 45, 2168 (2020).

Reactive modeling of Mo3Si oxidation and resulting silica morphology

C.C. Dharmawardhana, J. Zhou, M. Taylor, J. Miao, J.H. Perepezko, H. Heinz, Acta Materialia 187, 93 - 102 (2020).

Nondestructive measurements of the mechanical and structural properties of nanostructured metalattices

B.Abad Mayor, J.L. Knobloch, T.D. Frazer, J.N. Hernandez-Charpak, H.Y. Cheng, A.J. Grede, N.C. Giebink, T.E. Mallouk, P. Mahale, N.N. Nova, A.A. Tomaschke, V.L. Ferguson, V.H. Crespi, V. Gopalan, H.C. Kapteyn, J.V. Badding, M.M. Murnane, Nano Letters, (2020).

Sub-acoustic resolution optical focusing through scattering using photoacoustic fluctuation guided wavefront shaping

M.A. Inzunza-Ibarra, E. Premillieu, C. Grünsteidl, R. Piestun, T.W. Murray, Optics Express 28, 9823 (2020).

Ultrashort electron probe opportunities

P. Musumeci, Nature Photonics 14, 199 - 200 (2020).

Resolving Enhanced Mn2+ Luminescence near the Surface of CsPbCl3 with Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Imaging

R.B. Wai, N. Ramesh, C.D. Aiello, J.G. Raybin, S.E. Zeltmann, C.G. Bischak, E. Barnard, S. Aloni, F. Ogletree, A.M. Minor, N.S. Ginsberg, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2624 - 2629 (2020).

Computationally aided, entropy-driven synthesis of highly efficient and durable multi-elemental alloy catalysts

Y. Yao, Z. Liu, P. Xie, Z. Huang, T. Li, D. Morris, Z. Finfrock, J. Zhou, M. Jiao, J. Gao, Y. Mao, J.(John) Miao, P. Zhang, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, C. Wang, G. Wang, L. Hu, Science Advances 6, eaaz0510 (2020).

Correlating the three-dimensional atomic defects and electronic properties of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

X. Tian, D.S. Kim, S. Yang, C.J. Ciccarino, Y. Gong, Y. Yang, Y. Yang, B. Duschatko, Y. Yuan, P.M. Ajayan, J.Carlos Idrobo, P. Narang, J. Miao, Nature Materials, (2020).

On-chip fluorescence microscopy with a random microlens diffuser

G. Kuo, F.Linda Liu, I. Grossrubatscher, R. Ng, L. Waller, Optics Express 28, 8384 (2020).

Atomic structures of anthrax toxin protective antigen channels bound to partially unfolded lethal and edema factors

N.J. Hardenbrook, S. Liu, K. Zhou, K. Ghosal, H. Zhou, B.A. Krantz, Nature Communications 11, (2020).

Cutting antiparallel DNA strands in a single active site

X. Chen, Y. Cui, R.B. Best, H. Wang, H. Zhou, W. Yang, M. Gellert, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 27, 119 - 126 (2020).

How mouse RAG recombinase avoids DNA transposition

X. Chen, Y. Cui, H. Wang, H. Zhou, M. Gellert, W. Yang, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 27, 127 - 133 (2020).

Cusp-artifacts in high order superresolution optical fluctuation imaging

X. Yi, S. Weiss, Biomedical Optics Express 11, 554 (2020).

Mapping photocathode quantum efficiency with ghost imaging

K. Kabra, S. Li, F. Cropp, T.J. Lane, P. Musumeci, D. Ratner, Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 23, (2020).

Patterned probes for high precision 4D-STEM bragg measurements

S.E. Zeltmann, A. Müller, K.C. Bustillo, B. Savitzky, L. Hughes, A.M. Minor, C. Ophus, Ultramicroscopy 209, 112890 (2020).

Selective Lanthanide Sensing with Gold Nanoparticles and Hydroxypyridinone ChelatorsSelective Lanthanide Sensing with Gold Nanoparticles and Hydroxypyridinone Chelators

R.M. Pallares, K.P. Carter, S.E. Zeltmann, T. Tratnjek, A.M. Minor, R.J. Abergel, Inorganic Chemistry 59, 2030 - 2036 (2020).

Bottom-up structural proteomics: cryoEM of protein complexes enriched from the cellular milieu

C.M. Ho, X. Li, M. Lai, T.C. Terwilliger, J.R. Beck, J. Wohlschlegel, D.E. Goldberg, A.W.P. Fitzpatrick, H. Zhou, Nature Methods 17, 79 - 85 (2020).

A multiple scattering algorithm for three dimensional phase contrast atomic electron tomography

D. Ren, C. Ophus, M. Chen, L. Waller, Ultramicroscopy 208, 112860 (2020).

Azidated Graphene: Direct Azidation from Monolayers, Click Chemistry, and Bulk Production from Graphite

W. Li, Y. Li, K. Xu, Nano Letters, 534-539 (2020).


Atomic Structure of the Francisella T6SS Central Spike Reveals a Unique α-Helical Lid and a Putative Cargo

X. Yang, D.L. Clemens, B.Y. Lee, Y. Cui, H. Zhou, M.A. Horwitz, Structure 27, 1811 - 1819 (2019).

Electron beam-induced current imaging with two-angstrom resolution

M. Mecklenburg, W.A. Hubbard, J.J. Lodico, B.C. Regan, Ultramicroscopy 207, 112852 (2019).

Atomic structure of the human herpesvirus 6B capsid and capsid-associated tegument complexes

Y. Zhang, W. Liu, Z. Li, V. Kumar, A.L. Alvarez-Cabrera, E.C. Leibovitch, Y. Cui, Y. Mei, G.Q. Bi, S. Jacobson, H. Zhou, Nature Communications 10, (2019).

Interfacing the Cell with “Biomimetic Membrane Proteins”

A. Grupi, I. Ashur, N. Degani‐Katzav, S. Yudovich, Z. Shapira, A. Marzouq, L. Morgenstein, Y. Mandel, S. Weiss, Small, 1903006 (2019).

Plasmonic Lenses for Tunable Ultrafast Electron Emitters at the Nanoscale

D.B. Durham, F. Riminucci, F. Ciabattini, A. Mostacci, A.M. Minor, S. Cabrini, D. Filippetto, Physical Review Applied 12, (2019).

Semi-implicit relaxed Douglas-Rachford algorithm (sDR) for ptychography

M. Pham, A. Rana, J. Miao, S. Osher, Optics Express 27, 31246 (2019).

Purcell-Enhanced Spontaneous Emission of Molecular Vibrations

B. Metzger, E. Muller, J. Nishida, B. Pollard, M. Hentschel, M.B. Raschke, Physical Review Letters 123, (2019).

Measuring nanoscale thermal gradients in suspended MoS2 with STEM-EELS

L. Shen, M. Mecklenburg, R. Dhall, B.C. Regan, S.B. Cronin, Applied Physics Letters 115, 153108 (2019).

Imaging material functionality through three-dimensional nanoscale tracking of energy flow

M. Delor, H.L. Weaver, Q.Q. Yu, N.S. Ginsberg, Nature Materials, (2019).

Irreversibility at macromolecular scales in the flake graphite of the lithium-ion battery anode

J.J. Lodico, C.H. Lai, M. Woodall, H.Leung Chan, E. Garcia, W.A. Hubbard, B. Dunn, B.C. Regan, Journal of Power Sources 436, 226841 (2019).

Learned reconstructions for practical mask-based lensless imaging

K. Monakhova, J. Yurtsever, G. Kuo, N. Antipa, K. Yanny, L. Waller, Optics Express 27, 28075 (2019).

Characterization of Reactive Organometallic Species via MicroED

C.G. Jones, M. Asay, L.Joon Kim, J.F. Kleinsasser, A. Saha, T.J. Fulton, K.R. Berkley, D. Cascio, A.G. Malyutin, M.P. Conley, B.M. Stoltz, V. Lavallo, J.A. Rodriguez, H.M. Nelson, ACS Central Science 5, 1507 - 1513 (2019).

Multimodal x-ray and electron microscopy of the Allende meteorite

Y.Hung Lo, C.T. Liao, J. Zhou, A. Rana, C.S. Bevis, G. Gui, B. Enders, K.M. Cannon, Y.S. Yu, R. Celestre, K. Nowrouzi, D. Shapiro, H. Kapteyn, R. Falcone, C. Bennett, M. Murnane, J. Miao, Science Advances 5, eaax3009 (2019).

DNA-Packing Portal and Capsid-Associated Tegument Complexes in the Tumor Herpesvirus KSHV

D. Gong, X. Dai, J. Jih, Y.T. Liu, G.Q. Bi, R. Sun, H. Zhou, Cell 178, 1329 - 1343.e12 (2019).

A unified mechanism for intron and exon definition and back-splicing

X. Li, S. Liu, L. Zhang, A. Issaian, R.C. Hill, S. Espinosa, S. Shi, Y. Cui, K. Kappel, R. Das, K.C. Hansen, H. Zhou, R. Zhao, Nature 573, 375-380 (2019).

CryoEM structures of Arabidopsis DDR complexes involved in RNA-directed DNA methylation

S.Pop Wongpalee, S. Liu, J. Gallego-Bartolomé, A. Leitner, R. Aebersold, W. Liu, L. Yen, M.A. Nohales, P.Hsuanyu Kuo, A.A. Vashisht, J.A. Wohlschlegel, S. Feng, S.A. Kay, H. Zhou, S.E. Jacob, Nature Communications 10, (2019).

Wavefront shaping in complex media with a 350 kHz modulator via a 1D-to-2D transform

O. Tzang, E. Niv, S. Singh, S. Labouesse, G. Myatt, R. Piestun, Nature Photonics, (2019).

Oblique-plane single-molecule localization microscopy for tissues and small intact animals

J. Kim, M. Wojcik, Y. Wang, S. Moon, E.A. Zin, N. Marnani, Z.L. Newman, J.G. Flannery, K. Xu, X. Zhang, Nature Methods 16, 853-857 (2019).

Deconstructing Black physics identity: Linking individual and social constructs using the critical physics identity framework

S. Hyater-Adams, C. Fracchiolla, T. Williams, N. Finkelstein, K. Hinko, Physical Review Physics Education Research 15, (2019).

In situ structures of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inside bluetongue virus before and after uncoating

Y. He, S. Shivakoti, K. Ding, Y. Cui, P. Roy, H. Zhou, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 16535 - 16540 (2019).

Light-Assisted Diazonium Functionalization of Graphene and Spatial Heterogeneities in Reactivity

Y. Li, W. Li, M. Wojcik, B. Wang, L.C. Lin, M.B. Raschke, K. Xu, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10, 4788 - 4793 (2019).

Knife-edge based measurement of the 4D transverse phase space of electron beams with picometer-scale emittance

F. Ji, J.Giner Navarro, P. Musumeci, D.B. Durham, A.M. Minor, D. Filippetto, Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 22, (2019).

Data-driven challenges and opportunities in crystallographyAbstract

C. Glynn, J.A. Rodriguez, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences 3, 423 - 432 (2019).

Improved Surface Functionalization and Characterization of Membrane-Targeted Semiconductor Voltage Nanosensors

J. Park, Y. Kuo, J. Li, Y.L. Huang, E.W. Miller, S. Weiss, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 3906 - 3913 (2019).

Observing crystal nucleation in four dimensions using atomic electron tomography

J. Zhou, Y. Yang, Y. Yang, D.S. Kim, A. Yuan, X. Tian, C. Ophus, F. Sun, A.K. Schmid, M. Nathanson, H. Heinz, Q. An, H. Zeng, P. Ercius, J. Miao, Nature 570, 500-503 (2019).

Speckle-structured illumination for 3D phase and fluorescence computational microscopy

L.H. Yeh, S. Chowdhury, N.A. Repina, L. Waller, Biomedical Optics Express 10, 3635-3653 (2019).

Ultrasensitive Tip- and Antenna-Enhanced Infrared Nanoscopy of Protein Complexes

B.T. O’Callahan, M. Hentschel, M.B. Raschke, P.Z. El-Khoury, S. Lea, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 17505 - 17509 (2019).

Advances in in situ nanomechanical testing

A.M. Minor, G. Dehm, MRS Bulletin 44, 438 - 442 (2019).

Deep learning for single-shot autofocus microscopy

H. Pinkard, Z. Phillips, A. Babakhani, D.A. Fletcher, L. Waller, Optica 6, 794 (2019).

Direct observation of picosecond melting and disintegration of metallic nanoparticles

Y. Ihm, D.Hyung Cho, D. Sung, D. Nam, C. Jung, T. Sato, S. Kim, J. Park, S. Kim, M. Gallagher-Jones, Y. Kim, R. Xu, S. Owada, J.Hoon Shim, K. Tono, M. Yabashi, T. Ishikawa, J. Miao, D.Young Noh, C. Song, Nature Communications 10, (2019).

Cryo-EM structures of herpes simplex virus type 1 portal vertex and packaged genome

Y.T. Liu, J. Jih, X. Dai, G.Q. Bi, H. Zhou, Nature, (2019).

Ultrafast Relativistic Electron Nanoprobes

F. Ji, D.B. Durham, A.M. Minor, P. Musumeci, J.G. Navarro, D. Filippetto, Communications Physics 2, (2019).

In situ structures of rotavirus polymerase in action and mechanism of mRNA transcription and release

K. Ding, C.C. Celma, X. Zhang, T. Chang, W. Shen, I. Atanasov, P. Roy, H. Zhou, Nature Communications 10, 2216 (2019).

Elastin-Dependent Aortic Heart Valve Leaflet Curvature Changes During Cyclic Flexure

M.D. Tesfamariam, A.M. Mirza, D. Chaparro, A.Z. Ali, R. Montalvan, I. Saytashev, B.A. Gonzalez, A. Barreto, J. Ramella-Roman, J.D. Hutcheson, S. Ramaswamy, Bioengineering 6, 39 (2019).

Information-rich localization microscopy through machine learning

T. Kim, S. Moon, K. Xu, Nature Communications 10, (2019).

Investigating the dynamics of ontological reasoning across contexts in quantum physics

J.R. Hoehn, J.D. Gifford, N.D. Finkelstein, Physical Review Physics Education Research 15, (2019).

Structure of the human ClC-1 chloride channel

K. Wang, S.Spruce Preisler, L. Zhang, Y. Cui, J.Winkel Missel, C. Grønberg, K. Gotfryd, E. Lindahl, M. Andersson, K. Calloe, P.F. Egea, D.Arne Klaerke, M. Pusch, P.Amstrup Pedersen, H. Zhou, P. Gourdon, PLOS Biology 17, e3000218 (2019).

A 3.8 Å resolution cryo-EM structure of a small protein bound to an imaging scaffold

Y. Liu, D.T. Huynh, T.O. Yeates, Nature Communications 10, (2019).

Advanced denoising for X-ray ptychography

H. Chang, P. Enfedaque, J. Zhang, J. Reinhardt, B. Enders, Y.S. Yu, D. Shapiro, C.G. Schroer, T. Zeng, S. Marchesini, Optics Express 27, 10395 (2019).

Infrared nanospectroscopic imaging in the rotating frame

S.C. Johnson, E.A. Muller, O. Khatib, E.A. Bonnin, A.C. Gagnon, M.B. Raschke, Optica 6, 424 (2019).

Recent advances in ultrafast X-ray sources

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pH-dependent gating mechanism of the Helicobacter pylori urea channel revealed by cryo-EM

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Physics-based Learned Design: Optimized Coded-Illumination for Quantitative Phase Imaging

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Optical phantoms for biomedical polarimetry: a review

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Homochiral and racemic MicroED structures of a peptide repeat from the ice-nucleation protein InaZ

C. Zee, C. Glynn, M. Gallagher-Jones, J. Miao, C.G. Santiago, D. Cascio, T. Gonen, M.R. Sawaya, J.A. Rodriguez, IUCrJ 6, 197-205 (2019).

Atomic structures and deletion mutant reveal different capsid-binding patterns and functional significance of tegument protein pp150 in murine and human cytomegaloviruses with implications for therapeutic development

W. Liu, X. Dai, J. Jih, K. Chan, P. Trang, X. Yu, R. Balogun, Y. Mei, F. Liu, H. Zhou, PLOS Pathogens 15, e1007615 (2019).

Excitation and Emission Transition Dipoles of Type-II Semiconductor Nanorods

S. Ghosh, A.M. Chizhik, G. Yang, N. Karedla, I. Gregor, D. Oron, S. Weiss, J. Enderlein, A.I. Chizhik, Nano Letters, (2019).

Atomic structure of the translation regulatory protein NS1 of bluetongue virus

A. Kerviel, P. Ge, M. Lai, J. Jih, M. Boyce, X. Zhang, H. Zhou, P. Roy, Nature Microbiology, (2019).

Engineering Nanoscale Thermal Transport: Size- and Spacing-Dependent Cooling of Nanostructures

T.D. Frazer, J.L. Knobloch, K.M. Hoogeboom-Pot, D. Nardi, W. Chao, R.W. Falcone, M.M. Murnane, H.C. Kapteyn, J.N. Hernandez-Charpak, Physical Review Applied 11, (2019).

Two-photon PSF-engineered image scanning microscopy

O. Tzang, D. Feldkhun, A. Agrawal, A. Jesacher, R. Piestun, Optics Letters 44, 895 (2019).

Focusability of laser pulses at petawatt transport intensities in thin-film compression

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Generalized proximal smoothing (GPS) for phase retrieval

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Temporal magnification for streaked ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy

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Nanoscale mosaicity revealed in peptide microcrystals by scanning electron nanodiffraction

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Focusing and scanning through scattering media in microseconds

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Blended coarse gradient descent for full quantization of deep neural networks

P. Yin, S. Zhang, J. Lyu, S. Osher, Y. Qi, J. Xin, Research in the Mathematical Sciences 6, (2019).

Atomic structures of enterovirus D68 in complex with two monoclonal antibodies define distinct mechanisms of viral neutralization

Q. Zheng, R. Zhu, L. Xu, M. He, X. Yan, D. Liu, Z. Yin, Y. Wu, Y. Li, L. Yang, W. Hou, S. Li, Z. Li, Z. Chen, Z. Li, H. Yu, Y. Gu, J. Zhang, T.S. Baker, H. Zhou, B.S. Graham, T. Cheng, S. Li, N. Xia, Nature Microbiology 4, 124 - 133 (2019).

Block Matching Local SVD Operator Based Sparsity and TV Regularization for Image Denoising

J. Liu, S. Osher, Journal of Scientific Computing 78, 607 - 624 (2019).


Ptychographic amplitude and phase reconstruction of bichromatic vortex beams

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Quantitative differential phase contrast (DPC) microscopy with computational aberration correction

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Different functional states of fusion protein gB revealed on human cytomegalovirus by cryo electron tomography with Volta phase plate

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Atomic-Scale Structure and Stress Release Mechanism in Core–Shell Nanoparticles

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Correlative 3D x-ray fluorescence and ptychographic tomography of frozen-hydrated green algae

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STEM Imaging with Beam-Induced Hole and Secondary Electron Currents

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Dynamic 2D implementation of 3D diffractive optics

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Full-field imaging of thermal and acoustic dynamics in an individual nanostructure using tabletop high harmonic beams

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Characterizing the Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Nanorods for Single-Molecule Electrophysiology

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Motion-resolved quantitative phase imaging

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Structural insights on TRPV5 gating by endogenous modulators

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Discovery and structural characterization of a therapeutic antibody against coxsackievirus A10

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Cryo-EM of full-length α-synuclein reveals fibril polymorphs with a common structural kernel

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Malaria parasite translocon structure and mechanism of effector export

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Phase-transition–induced p-n junction in single halide perovskite nanowire

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Electron Ghost Imaging

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Cryo-EM structure of the human α5β3 GABAA receptor

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Building atomic models based on near atomic resolution cryoEM maps with existing tools

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Nanoimaging and Control of Molecular Vibrations through Electromagnetically Induced Scattering Reaching the Strong Coupling Regime

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Aberration recovery by imaging a weak diffuser

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