STROBE Publications


Membrane insertion of—and membrane potential sensing by—semiconductor voltage nanosensors: Feasibility demonstration

K. Park, Y. Kuo, V. Shvadchak, A. Ingargiola, X. Dai, L. Hsiung, W. Kim, H. Zhou, P. Zou, A.J. Levine, J. Li, S. Weiss, Science Advances 4, e1601453 (2018).

Thermometry of Silicon Nanoparticles

M. Mecklenburg, B. Zutter, C. Regan, Physical Review Applied 9, (2018).


General-purpose, wide field-of-view reflection imaging with a tabletop 13  nm light source

C.L. Porter, M. Tanksalvala, M. Gerrity, G. Miley, X. Zhang, C. Bevis, E. Shanblatt, R. Karl, M.M. Murnane, D.E. Adams, H.C. Kapteyn, Optica 4, 1552 (2017).

Nanoimaging of Electronic Heterogeneity in Bi2Se3 and Sb2Te3 Nanocrystals

X. Lu, O. Khatib, X. Du, J. Duan, W. Wei, X. Liu, H.A. Bechtel, F. D'Apuzzo, M. Yan, A. Buyanin, Q. Fu, J. Chen, M. Salmeron, J. Zeng, M.B. Raschke, P. Jiang, X. Bao, Advanced Electronic Materials, 1700377 (2017).

A streaming multi-GPU implementation of image simulation algorithms for scanning transmission electron microscopy

A. Pryor, C. Ophus, J. Miao, Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 3:15, (2017).

Resolving ultrafast exciton migration in organic solids at the nanoscale

S.B. Penwell, L.D.S. Ginsberg, R. Noriega, N.S. Ginsberg, Nature Materials 16, 1136 - 1141 (2017).

GENFIRE: A generalized Fourier iterative reconstruction algorithm for high-resolution 3D imaging

A. Pryor, Y. Yang, A. Rana, M. Gallagher-Jones, J. Zhou, Y.Hung Lo, G. Melinte, W. Chiu, J.A. Rodriguez, J. Miao, Scientific Reports 7, 23: S1, (2017).

Correlative cellular ptychography with functionalized nanoparticles at the Fe L-edge

M. Gallagher-Jones, C.Sato Baral Dias, A. Pryor, K. Bouchmella, L. Zhao, Y.Hung Lo, M.Borba Cardoso, D. Shapiro, J. Rodriguez, J. Miao, Scientific Reports 7, 4757, (2017).

Atomic structure of the human cytomegalovirus capsid with its securing tegument layer of pp150

X. Yu, J. Jih, J. Jiang, H. Zhou, Science 35673, eaam6892 (2017).

Reliable computational design of biological-inorganic materials to the large nanometer scale using Interface-FF

C.C. Dharmawardhana, K. Kanhaiya, T.J. Lin, A. Garley, M.R. Knecht, J. Zhou, J. Miao, H. Heinz, Molecular Simulation 43, 1394–1405 (2017).

Double-shot MeV electron diffraction and microscopy

P. Musumeci, D. Cesar, J. Maxson, Structural Dynamics 4, 044025, (2017).

Sub-wavelength coherent imaging of periodic samples using a 13.5 nm tabletop high harmonic light source

D. Gardner, M. Tanksalvala, E. Shanblatt, X. Zhang, B. Galloway, C. Porter, R. Karl, C. Bevis, D. Adams, H. Kapteyn, M. Murnane, G. Mancini, Nature Photonics 11, 259–263 (2017).

Deciphering chemical order/disorder and material properties at the single-atom level

C.C. Yang, M.C. Chen, C. Scott, O. R., A. Xu, P. Jr., F. Wu, W. Sun, J. Theis, M. Zhou, P.R.C. Eisenbach, R.F. Kent, H. Sabirianov, E. Zeng, J. Miao, Nature 542, 75-79 (2017).


Corrigendum: CryoEM structure of the Methanospirillum hungatei archaellum reveals structural features distinct from the bacterial flagellum and type IV pilus

N. Poweleit, P. Ge, H.H. Nguyen, R.R.Ogorzal Loo, R.P. Gunsalus, H. Zhou, Nature Microbiology 2, 16264 (2016).

In situ structures of the genome and genome-delivery apparatus in a single-stranded RNA virus

X. Dai, Z. Li, M. Lai, S. Shu, Y. Du, H. Zhou, R. Sun, Nature 541, 112 - 116 (2016).

Frontier methods in coherent X-ray diffraction for high-resolution structure determination

M. Gallagher-Jones, J.A. Rodriguez, J. Miao, Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 49, (2016).

Infrared vibrational nanocrystallography and nanoimaging

E.A. Muller, B. Pollard, H.A. Bechtel, P. van Blerkom, M.B. Raschke, Science Advances 2, e1601006 - e1601006 (2016).