New Haven, Connecticut

January 13, 2021

Open Until Filled

Yale Statistics and Data Science is looking for a postdoc in one of the most exciting computational imaging areas around, cryo-electron microscopy! If you’re interested check it out:

We are looking for postdocs with experience in cryo-EM and in developing scalable research software who are interested in developing algorithms that explore new perspectives on signal processing, Bayesian inference, variational inference and deep learning in cryo-EM (theory and applications).
The successful applicant will lead the development of a new research software platform and the exploration of new ideas. The successful applicant is invited to participate in managing the One World Cryo-EM seminars if they wish.
Relevant experience may include: Collaborative open source software development. Developing software for large scale cryo-EM problems. Collaborating with cryo-EM labs. Experience in signal processing (electrical engineering, applied mathematics). Experience with molecular dynamics, large scale MCMC, variational inference, or deep learning. Experience with JAX or lower layers of PyTorch or Tensorflow.
Apply at: https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/list/16889.


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