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K–12 Teacher Opportunities

STROBE inspires diverse groups of students with our fun, interactive, STROBE-inspired STEM educational materials, tools, and activities. Through these materials and exposure to our diverse community of scientists, we strive to enhance pathways for these students to STEM.

STROBE Imaging Science Traveling Workshop

Fort Lewis College and CU Science Discovery partner to develop fun, interactive outreach workshops for middle school students in the diverse Four Corners Region. To date, the STROBE Imaging Science Travelling Workshop has impacted over 800 students in the Four Corners area including the Southern Ute Reservation and the Navajo Nation. Workshops have spanned topics including “Electromagnetic Energy and Imaging Technology”, “Everyday Nanoscale Grand Challenges”, “Light, Living Systems and Solar Energy”, and many more.

STROBE Teacher Professional Development Workshops

The STROBE Teacher Professional Development Workshops are a one or two-day professional development workshop for middle school and early high school teachers. The workshop is a collaborative education project, integrating the expertise of faculty at Fort Lewis College, CU Science Discovery, Lawrence Hall of Science, and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) to develop hands-on classroom activities based on STROBE imaging science research projects. The workshop provides materials that meet the new NGSS standards, and distributes STROBE science tools, curriculum and materials for teachers that are relevant to their students.

STROBE Research Experience for Teachers

The STROBE Research Experience for Teachers take place at UCLA in partnership with California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI). High school teachers spend one week attending CNSI’s Nanoscale Microscopy summer course followed by 2-5 weeks working in STROBE research labs, building an advanced understanding of how imaging techniques can help solve grand challenges, and working with education experts to integrate this knowledge and content into their classrooms.

STROBE partners with CNSI to sponsor students to attend their summer Nanoscale workshop. For two weeks, high school students get hands on experience working in teams on experiments that combine rigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. At the end of the two weeks, students propose a scientific research project based on the new information they learned with their teams.

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