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Undergraduate Student Opportunities

STROBE supports the next generation of diverse undergraduates by integrating students into the STROBE community to provide excellent laboratory experiences, engaging imaging science curricula, and professional development opportunities.

Our summer research program for undergraduate students is designed, assessed, and updated to provide participants with a welcoming, supportive community, deep technical understanding, and transferable professional skills. We encourage multi-year experiences and cross-institutional exchanges between STROBE nodes, to develop participants’ technical skills and professional network.

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The Partnership for the Education and Advancement of Quantum and nano-Systems (PEAQS) is an NSF PREM (Partnership in Research and Education in Materials) center led by Fort Lewis College. PEAQS brings together communities from Fort Lewis College, Norfolk State University, and STROBE, an NSF Science and Technology Center, to engage undergraduate students in integrated, long-term material science research and educational activities. PEAQS creates opportunities for underrepresented students in STEM to engage in cutting-edge material science that explores the multi-scale interplay of atomic and meso-scale structure and emergent physical phenomena. PEAQS creates pathways for students within an inclusive and supportive community with research faculty, graduate student and postdoc mentors, guided research experiences in materials science, professional development activities, and peer support networks to promote exciting possibilities of STEM careers.

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Course Development and Transformation

STROBE is partnering with Physics Education Research (PER) experts from Heather Lewandowski’s research group and faculty at Fort Lewis College (FLC) to transform the introductory physics laboratory course. In addition to utilizing tested and established best practices for laboratory courses, we are also consulting closely with a student advisory group at FLC to ensure that the course content and design are relevant and accessible to the student body at Fort Lewis.

Building on the success of the CREST-CAChE Discovery courses at Florida International University (FIU), that provides a hands on introduction to research in aquatic chemistry, STROBE is partnering with FIU to develop new discovery courses in STROBE research areas for first and second year undergraduate students. In addition to a hands on research experience, STROBE is excited to implement mentored development of professional skills into the discovery course based on the CREST-CACHE model.