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STROBE is excited to partner with two minority serving institutions, Fort Lewis College (a non-tribal Native American Serving Institution) and Norfolk State University (a member of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities) on PEAQS (Partnership for Education and Advancement of Quantum and nano-Systems), an NSF PREM grant. Our vision is to build a sustainable program that recruits, retains, and trains a diverse cohort of students through high-impact research experiences in materials sciences.


The PEAQS-STROBE partnership is strategic: STROBE is developing advanced microscopes that are needed to image nanosystems, NSU has extensive world-class capabilities for fabricating advanced materials and FLC has expertise and infrastructure for material characterization and nanofabrication. This partnership enables cutting-edge materials science that no individual partner member has the current capacity to do.

PEAQS research focuses on understanding how the atomic and nanoscale structure determines the functionality of materials. This focus provides a diverse set of research opportunities for students, engaging them in many facets of materials science research. To learn more about the incredible research the PEAQS undergrads are engaging in, please visit PEAQS.org/research.


In addition to providing students with a year-round research experience, PEAQS students also gain access to strong networks and role models, professional development opportunities, and mentoring to help the students develop their identities as scientists and prepare them for STEM careers. Through PEAQS’s cross institution exchange program, students get exposed to not only new scientific tools and techniques, but they broaden their peer and mentoring network. Additionally, PEAQS provides students opportunities to organize and coordinate workshops, gaining them skills necessary for their future careers including leadership, communication, and professional development. Finally, PEAQS students are able to pass on their knowledge and excitement about their research to their local communities through PEAQS’ numerous outreach programs. For more information on PEAQS educational activities, please visit PEAQS.org/education-outreach.