Norfolk State University

Norfolk, VA

March 18, 2021

Open Until Filled

Norfolk State University’s Department of Engineering is seeking a candidate for a Postdoctoral Research Scholar position to conduct research in the area of biophotonics. The focus of this
research is on designing microfluidic devices to enable on-chip laser tweezers and traps and conducting surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for identifying breast cancer cells.
Successful candidate is expected to develop and demonstrate new approaches of system integration to improve accuracy, efficiency, scalability, and automation of the optofluidic sensing
platform and publish the findings in reputed journals and conference proceedings. The successful candidate will work in Computational Cardiac Engineering Lab at Norfolk State University in
Norfolk Virginia, and will be expected to collaborate across disciplines to ensure successful completion of research tasks.

Primary Responsibilities:
– Design a working SERS system for analyzing live biological cells. Conduct SERS-based experiments with various cell lines and analyze experimental data.
– Design and fabricate novel SERS substrates to amplify the Raman signals.
– Setup a dual-beam optical tweezer system for non-contact cell trapping and stretching.
– Perform Multiphysics modeling to configure the experimental setup and perform theoretical investigations.
– Develop, implement, and demonstrate new approaches to improve accuracy, efficiency, scalability, and automation of the optofluidic sensing system.
– Mentor graduate and undergraduate students; contribute in other ongoing research projects in the group.

– PhD in engineering or physical sciences in optics/photonics, biosensing, bioelectrics or related fields.
– Demonstrated expertise in Raman spectroscopy/SERS imaging, microfluidics and micro/nano-fabrication.
– Prior experience of micro/nano fabrication in cleanroom and handling of cleanroom equipment.
– Ability to quickly learn, analyze, and implement innovative biosensing applications/systems.
– Creativity and analytical skills.

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Patricia F. Mead, Ph.D.

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