Jimenez group, STROBE, CU Boulder

Boulder, CO

October 28, 2022

Open Until Filled

Squeezed-Light Multimodal Nonlinear Optical Imaging of Microbes

A new postdoctoral research opportunity is now available in the Jimenez group in JILA at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The overarching goal of this DOE-funded project, which is a collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is to explore multimodal quantum nonlinear optical (NLO)imaging with squeezed-light for co-registered steady-state two-photon-excited fluorescence, two-photon-excited fluorescence lifetime and second-harmonic generation microscopies. The research will involve development and application of squeezed-light sources and frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime characterization techniques to imaging of bacteria, along with methods for measuring molecular cross-sections and accurately assessing the advantage of quantum imaging modalities over their corresponding classical equivalents. The Jimenez group is very interdisciplinary and our labs are well-equipped for quantum spectroscopy and molecular biophysics research. For more information contact Ralph Jimenez (rjimenez@jila.colorado.edu).

For more information: https://jila.colorado.edu/jimenez

Ralph Jimenez


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