Video Description

This seminar will include a brief discussion of patents and patent law including the purposes of patents (such as licensing, assets of a company, something to put on your resume), how they are structured (and how they are different from scientific papers), and careers in the patent law field.

About the speaker: Jennifer Bales has a BS in engineering from California State University Northridge and an MS in electrical engineering, specializing in optics, from University of Southern California.  Before going to law school at the University of Colorado, she worked in aerospace in the fields of ECCM, infrared image processing, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) ground stations.  Her current patent work emphasizes optics, image processing, and signal processing, along with thermodynamics (in the area of refrigeration and air conditioning), medical devices, and various other electrical and mechanical inventions. She has been working as a patent attorney for over twenty years and has helped clients attain over 100 patents.