Properties and functions of molecular materials often emerge from intermolecular interactions and associated nanoscale structure and morphology. However, defects and disorder disturb the performance of, e.g., molecular electronic or photonic materials. We address these outstanding problems in several novel combinations of spatio-spectral and spatio-temporal infrared nano-imaging. In this talk I will give an overview of these new developments with a focus on intermolecular coupling induced molecular wavefunction delocalization and its disturbance through structural disorder. This provides for a molecular ruler to imagine structure, coupling, and dynamics of elementary processes on their elementary nanometer-femtosecond scales. I will further demonstrate how Purcell-enhanced and strongly coupled vibrational light matter interactions provide for new modalities in molecular nano-metrology and -sensing. I will conclude with a perspective how these novel quantum-enhanced modalities provide for qualitatively novel functional imaging as new tools to guide molecular device fabrication with improved performance.