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Relativistic ultrafast electron diffraction at high repetition rates

K. M. Siddiqui, D. B. Durham, F. Cropp, F. Ji, S. Paiagua, C. Ophus, N. C. Andresen, L. Jin, J. Wu, S. Wang, X. Zhang, W. You, M. M. Murnane, M. Centurion, X. Wang, D. S. Slaughter, R. A. Kaindl, P. Musumeci, A. M. Minor, D. Filippetto, Structural Dynamics, 10, 064302, (2023).

Solving complex nanostructures with ptychographic atomic electron tomography

P. M. Pelz, S. M. Griffin, S. Stonemeyer, D. Popple, H. DeVyldere, P. Ercius, A. Zettl, M. C. Scott, C. Ophus, Nature Communications, 14, 7906, (2023).

Enhancing students’ views of experimental physics through a course-based undergraduate research experience

A. Werth, C. G. West, N. Sulaiman, H. J. Lewandowski, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 29, 020151, (2023).

Hierarchical organization and assembly of the archaeal cell sheath from an amyloid-like protein

H. Wang, J. Zhang, D. Toso, S. Liao, F. Sedighian, R. Gunsalus, Z. Hong Zhou, Nature Communications, (2023).

A composite electrodynamic mechanism to reconcile spatiotemporally resolved exciton transport in quantum dot superlattices

R. Yuan, T. D. Roberts, R. M. Brinn, A. A. Choi, H. H. Park, C. Yan, J. C. Ondry, S. Khorasani, D. J. Masiello, K. Xu, A. P. Alivisatos, N. S. Ginsberg, Science Advances, 9, (2023).

Investigating changes in student views of measurement uncertainty in an introductory physics lab course using clustering algorithms

A. Werth, B. Pollard, R. Hobbs, H. J. Lewandowski, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 19, 020146, (2023).

Coherent EUV Light Sources Based on High-Order Harmonic Generation: Principles and Applications in Nanotechnology

H. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, Y. Esashi, M. Tanksalvala, J. L. Knobloch, C. Liao, D. D. Hickstein, C. Bargsten, K. Dorney, J. Petersen, Photon Sources for Lithography and Metrology, 351, 1302, (2023).

High-fidelity ptychographic imaging of highly periodic structures enabled by vortex high harmonic beams

B. Wang, N. J. Brooks, P. Johnsen, N. W. Jenkins, Y. Esashi, I. Binnie, M. Tanksalvala, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, Optica, 10, 1245, (2023).

Detecting, Distinguishing, and Spatiotemporally Tracking Photogenerated Charge and Heat at the Nanoscale

H. L. Weaver, C. M. Went, J. Wong, D. Jasrasaria, E. Rabani, H. A. Atwater, N. S. Ginsberg, ACS Nano, 17, 19011-19021, (2023).

FAP106 is an interaction hub for assembling microtubule inner proteins at the cilium inner junction

M. M. Shimogawa, A. S. Wijono, H. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Sha, N. Szombathy, S. Vadakkan, P. Pelayo, K. Jonnalagadda, J. Wohlschlegel, Z. Hong Zhou, K. L. Hill, Nature Communications, 14, 5225, (2023).

Uncovering polar vortex structures by inversion of multiple scattering with a stacked Bloch wave model

S. E. Zeltmann, S. Hsu, H. G. Brown, S. Susarla, R. Ramesh, A. M. Minor, C. Ophus, Ultramicroscopy, 250, 113732, (2023).

Protein target highlights in CASP15: Analysis of models by structure providers

L. T. Alexander, J. Durairaj, A. Kryshtafovych, L. A. Abriata, Y. Bayo, G. Bhabha, C. Breyton, S. G. Caulton, J. Chen, S. Degroux, D. C. Ekiert, B. S. Erlandsen, P. L. Freddolino, D. Gilzer, C. Greening, J. M. Grimes, R. Grinter, M. Gurusaran, M. D. Hartmann, C. J. Hitchman, J. R. Keown, A. Kropp, P. Kursula, A. L. Lovering, B. Lemaitre, A. Lia, S. Liu, M. Logotheti, S. Lu, S. Markússon, M. D. Miller, G. Minasov, H. H. Niemann, F. Opazo, G. N. Phillips, O. R. Davies, S. Rommelaere, M. Rosas‐Lemus, P. Roversi, K. Satchell, N. Smith, M. A. Wilson, K. Wu, X. Xia, H. Xiao, W. Zhang, Z. Hong Zhou, K. Fidelis, M. Topf, J. Moult, T. Schwede, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 1-29, (2023).

Disentangling Tilt and Polarization Measurements in 4D-STEM Measurements of a Multilayer by Inversion of a Stacked Bloch Wave Model

S. Zeltmann, S. Hsu, H. Brown, S. Susarla, A. Minor, C. Ophus, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 256-257, (2023).

Phase Diversity in Ptychographic Reconstructions with a Programmable Phase Plate

S. Ribet, S. Zeltmann, G. Varnavides, R. dos Reis, V. Dravid, C. Ophus, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 296-297, (2023).

Spectrum Imaging of a Lithium Ion Battery Anode Using Thin Fluid Cells

M. Mecklenburg, J. Lodico, H. Chan, Y. Chen, X. Ling, B. Regan, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 672-673, (2023).

Observation of Simultaneous Successive Twinning Using Atomic Electron Tomography

P. Pelz, C. Groschner, A. Bruefach, C. Ophus, M. Scott, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 707-708, (2023).

Mapping Conductivity in the TEM with SEEBIC

W. Hubbard, H. Chan, B. Regan, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 1851-1852, (2023).

Emission-Based Temperature Mapping with STEM EBIC

W. Hubbard, M. Mecklenburg, H. Chan, B. Regan, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 1608-1609, (2023).

Elucidating the Role of Cr Migration in Ni-Cr Exposed to Molten FLiNaK via STEM-Based Methods

S. Mills, R. Hayes, N. Bieberdorf, S. Zeltmann, A. Kennedy, R. Scarlat, M. Asta, A. Minor, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 1505-1506, (2023).

Beyond MicroED: Ab Initio Structure Elucidation using 4D-STEM

A. Saha, A. Pattison, M. Mecklenburg, A. Brewster, P. Ercius, J. Rodriguez, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29, 309-310, (2023).

Imaging the electron charge density in monolayer MoS2 at the Ångstrom scale

J. Martis, S. Susarla, A. Rayabharam, C. Su, T. Paule, P. Pelz, C. Huff, X. Xu, H. Li, M. Jaikissoon, V. Chen, E. Pop, K. Saraswat, A. Zettl, N. R. Aluru, R. Ramesh, P. Ercius, A. Majumdar, Nature Communications, 14, 4363, (2023).

Operando spectral imaging of the lithium ion battery’s solid-electrolyte interphase

J. J. Lodico, M. Mecklenburg, H. Chan, Y. Chen, X. Ling, B. C. Regan, Science Advances, 9, (2023).

Two-color high-harmonic generation from relativistic plasma mirrors

N. F. Beier, F. F. Dollar, Physical Review E, 108, 015201, (2023).

Structural basis of gRNA stabilization and mRNA recognition in trypanosomal RNA editing

S. Liu, H. Wang, X. Li, F. Zhang, J. J. Lee, Z. Li, C. Yu, J. J. Hu, X. Zhao, T. Suematsu, A. L. Alvarez-Cabrera, Q. Liu, L. Zhang, L. Huang, I. Aphasizheva, R. Aphasizhev, Z. Hong Zhou, Science, 381, eadg4725, (2023).

Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy at the Advanced Light Source

T. Feggeler, A. Levitan, M. A. Marcus, H. Ohldag, D. A. Shapiro, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 267, 147381, (2023).

In Situ and Emerging Transmission Electron Microscopy for Catalysis Research

H. Chao, K. Venkatraman, S. Moniri, Y. Jiang, X. Tang, S. Dai, W. Gao, J. Miao, M. Chi, Chemical Reviews, 123, 8347-8394, (2023).

Structure of LARP7 Protein p65–telomerase RNA Complex in Telomerase Revealed by Cryo-EM and NMR

Y. Wang, Y. He, Y. Wang, Y. Yang, M. Singh, C. D. Eichhorn, X. Cheng, Y. Jiang, Z. Hong Zhou, J. Feigon, Journal of Molecular Biology, 435, 168044, (2023).

Coronal Heating as Determined by the Solar Flare Frequency Distribution Obtained by Aggregating Case Studies

Y. Wang, Y. He, Y. Wang, Y. Yang, M. Singh, C. D. Eichhorn, X. Cheng, Y. Jiang, Z. Hong Zhou, J. Feigon, The Astrophysical Journal, 948, (2023).

Evidence for Bootstrap Percolation Dynamics in a Photoinduced Phase Transition

T. Carbin, X. Zhang, A. B. Culver, H. Zhao, A. Zong, R. Acharya, C. J. Abbamonte, R. Roy, G. Cao, A. Kogar, Physical Review Letters, 130, 186902, (2023).

Nonadditive Interactions Unlock Small-Particle Mobility in Binary Colloidal Monolayers

J. G. Raybin, R. B. Wai, N. S. Ginsberg, ACS Nano, 17, 8303-8314, (2023).

Relationships between Compositional Heterogeneity and Electronic Spectra of (Ga1-xZnX)(N1-xOX) Nanocrystals Revealed by Valence Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

B. F. Hammel, L. G. Hall, L. M. Pellows, O. M. Pearce, P. Tongying, S. Yazdi, G. Dukovic, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127, 7762-7771, (2023).

Accurate real space iterative reconstruction (RESIRE) algorithm for tomography

M. Pham, Y. Yuan, A. Rana, S. Osher, J. Miao, Scientific Reports, 13, (2023).

Evaluation protocol for revealing magnonic contrast in TR-STXM measurements

B. Zingsem, T. Feggeler, R. Meckenstock, D. Spoddig, T. Schaffers, S. Pile, H. Ohldag, M. Farle, H. Wende, A. Ney, K. Ollefs, AIP Advances, 13, 045020, (2023).

Cryo-EM structure of amyloid fibril formed by α-synuclein hereditary A53E mutation reveals a distinct protofilament interface

C. Sun, K. Zhou, P. DePaola, W. Shin, T. Hillyer, M. R. Sawaya, R. Zhu, C. Peng, Z. Hong Zhou, L. Jiang, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 299, 104566, (2023).

Student experiences with authentic research in a remote, introductory course-based undergraduate research experience in physics

K. A. Oliver, A. Werth, H. J. Lewandowski, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 19, 010124, (2023).

Operando Label-Free Optical Imaging of Solution-Phase Ion Transport and Electrochemistry

J. K. Utterback, A. J. King, L. Belman-Wells, D. M. Larson, L. M. Hamerlynck, A. Z. Weber, N. S. Ginsberg, ACS Energy Letters, 8, 1785-1792, (2023).

Experimental Characterization of Photoemission from Plasmonic Nanogroove Arrays

C. M. Pierce, D. B. Durham, F. Riminucci, S. Dhuey, I. Bazarov, J. Maxson, A. M. Minor, D. Filippetto, Physical Review Applied, 19, 034034, (2023).

Excitation Intensity-Dependent Quantum Yield of Semiconductor Nanocrystals

S. Ghosh, U. Ross, A. M. Chizhik, Y. Kuo, B. Jeong, W. Bae, K. Park, J. Li, D. Oron, S. Weiss, J. Enderlein, A. I. Chizhik, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 2702-2707, (2023).

Universal Behavior of Highly Confined Heat Flow in Semiconductor Nanosystems: From Nanomeshes to Metalattices

B. McBennett, A. Beardo, E. E. Nelson, B. Abad, T. D. Frazer, A. Adak, Y. Esashi, B. Li, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, J. L. Knobloch, Nano Letters, 23, 2129-2136, (2023).

Students’ views about experimental physics in a large-enrollment introductory lab focused on experimental scientific practices

N. Sulaiman, A. Werth, H. J. Lewandowski, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 19, 010116, (2023).

Nanoscale mapping of point defect concentrations with 4D-STEM

S. H. Mills, S. E. Zeltmann, P. Ercius, A. A. Kohnert, B. P. Uberuaga, A. M. Minor, Acta Materialia, 1, 118721, (2023).

Identification of Unknown Nanofabrication Chemicals Using Raman Spectroscopy and Deep Learning

N. Theobald, D. Ledvina, K. Kukula, S. Maines, K. Hasz, M. Raschke, J. Crawford, J. Jessing, Y. Li, IEEE Sensors Journal, 23, 7910-7916, (2023).

Structural basis of HIV-1 Vif-mediated E3 ligase targeting of host APOBEC3H

F. Ito, A. L. Alvarez-Cabrera, K. Kim, Z. ng Zhou, X. S. Chen, Nature Communications, 14, 5241, (2023).

Fragment-Based Ab Initio Phasing of Peptidic Nanocrystals by MicroED

L. S. Richards, M. D. Flores, C. Millán, C. Glynn, C. Zee, M. R. Sawaya, M. Gallagher-Jones, R. J. Borges, I. Usón, J. A. Rodriguez, ACS Bio & Med Chem Au, 3, 201-210, (2023).

Native structure of mosquito salivary protein uncovers domains relevant to pathogen transmission

S. Liu, X. Xia, E. Calvo, Z. Hong Zhou, Nature Communications, 14, 899, (2023).

Asymmetric reconstruction of the aquareovirus core at near-atomic resolution and mechanism of transcription initiation

A. Stevens, Y. Cui, S. Shivakoti, Z. Zhou, Protein & Cell, 14, 1-5, (2023).

Three-dimensional topological magnetic monopoles and their interactions in a ferromagnetic meta-lattice

A. Rana, C. Liao, E. Iacocca, J. Zou, M. Pham, X. Lu, E. Subramanian, Y. Lo, S. A. Ryan, C. S. Bevis, R. M. Karl, A. J. Glaid, J. Rable, P. Mahale, J. Hirst, T. Ostler, W. Liu, C. M. O’Leary, Y. Yu, K. Bustillo, H. Ohldag, D. A. Shapiro, S. Yazdi, T. E. Mallouk, S. J. Osher, H. C. Kapteyn, V. H. Crespi, J. V. Badding, Y. Tserkovnyak, M. M. Murnane, J. Miao, Nature Nanotechnology, 18, 227–232, (2023).

Multimodal Characterization of Crystal Structure and Formation in Rubrene Thin Films Reveals Erasure of Orientational Discontinuities

J. A. Tan, J. T. Dull, S. E. Zeltmann, J. A. Tulyagankhodjaev, H. M. Johnson, A. Liebman‐Peláez, B. D. Folie, S. A. Dönges, O. Khatib, J. G. Raybin, T. D. Roberts, L. M. Hamerlynck, C. N. Tanner, J. Lee, C. Ophus, K. C. Bustillo, M. B. Raschke, H. Ohldag, A. M. Minor, B. P. Rand, N. S. Ginsberg, Advanced Functional Materials, 33, 2207867, (2023).

Observation of spin-momentum locked surface states in amorphous Bi2Se3

P. Corbae, S. Ciocys, D. Varjas, E. Kennedy, S. Zeltmann, M. Molina-Ruiz, S. M. Griffin, C. Jozwiak, Z. Chen, L. Wang, A. M. Minor, M. Scott, A. G. Grushin, A. Lanzara, F. Hellman, Nature Materials, 22, 200-206, (2023).

Optical reflectance imaging reveals interlayer coupling in mechanically stacked MoS2 and WS2 bilayers

V. Nguyen, W. Li, J. Ager, K. Xu, H. Taylor, Optics Express, 31, 3291, (2023).
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