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Congrats to Diana Rossell-Eddy for Receiving the First Place Poster Award at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

January 17, 2020|CUWiP|

Congratulations to Diana Rossell-Eddy for winning the first place poster prize at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics! The APS CUWiP goal is to help undergraduate women continue in physics by providing them with the opportunity to experience a professional conference, information about graduate school and professions in physics, and access to other women in physics of all ages with whom they can share experiences, advice, and ideas.

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Congrats to Naomi Ginsberg for Receiving the 2020 Physical Chemistry Division Award from the American Chemical Society

January 15, 2020|The Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society|

The 2020 Early-Career Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry is awarded to Prof. Naomi S. Ginsberg at UC-Berkeley, “For the development of new time- and space-resolved imaging and spectroscopy methods to study dynamical phenomena in heterogeneous materials.” The Physical Chemistry Division annually sponsors senior and early-career awards in theoretical and experimental physical chemistry that are intended to recognize the most outstanding scientific achievements of members of the Division. The 2020 recipients will be honored at the the Fall ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

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Congrats to Margaret Murnane for Receiving the 2019 CU Boulder Women Who Make a Difference Award

January 13, 2020|CU Boulder Today|

Mary Rippon, the first CU female professor, and Lucile B. Buchanan, the first African-American woman to graduate from CU, paved the way for women to succeed. These influential women were the first to accomplish what they did, but women who deserve appreciation surround us every day. The 2019 class of Women Who Make a Difference impact our community by serving as teachers, mentors, mothers and advocates. They write, they blog, they include and make countless other contributions big and small.

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Congrats to Kate Groschner for Receiving a Microscopy & Microanalysis Student Scholar Award in Spring 2019

January 7, 2020|Microscopy & Microanalysis|

Catherine Groschner of Mary Scott’s research group at the University of California, Berkeley was awarded a 2019 M&M Student Scholar Award for her presentation titled, “Machine Learning for High Throughput HRTEM Analysis”.

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Congrats to Ke Xu for Being Selected as a Pew Innovation Fund Investigator

January 1, 2020|Pew|

The Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences provides funding to young investigators of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of human health. The program makes grants to selected academic institutions to support the independent research of outstanding individuals who are in their first few years of their appointment at the assistant professor level. Congratulations to Ke Xu for being selected as a Pew Innovation Fund Investigator!

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Congrats to Laura Waller for Being Selected as an American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Fellow in 2019

December 31, 2019|AIMBE|

Laura Waller has been selected as a 2019 AIMBE Fellow. The College of Fellows – 2,000 individuals who are outstanding bioengineers in academia, industry, clinical practice, and government. These leaders in the field have distinguished themselves through their contributions in research, industrial practice and/or education. Fellows are nominated each year by their peers and represent the top 2% of the medical and biological engineering community. They are considered the life-blood of AIMBE and work towards realizing AIMBE’s vision to provide medical and biological engineering innovation for the benefit of humanity.

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Congrats to David Cesar for Receiving the Particle Accelerator Science & Technology (PAST) Doctoral Student Award from IEEE

December 1, 2019|IEEE|

In 2019, David Cesar received the Particle Accelerator Science & Technology (PAST) Doctoral Student Award from IEEE for contributions to dielectric laser accelerators and time-resolved electron microscopy.

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Congrats to Namrata Ramesh for being Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship

November 25, 2019|Rhodes Trust|

Namrata is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a Physics (Honors) degree. Her senior thesis, supervised by Professor Naomi Ginsberg, involves understanding the dynamics of self assembly of gold nanocrystal superlattices using optical and x-ray scattering techniques. She has also worked on studying the trajectories of electrons in manganese doped halide perovskites using Monte Carlo simulations.

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Congrats to Rafael Piestun for Receiving the Lab Venture Challenge Award for Ultrathin Endoscopes

November 19, 2019|CU Boulder Lab Venture Challenge|

Rafael Piestun for received the 2019 Lab Venture Challenge Award for Ultrathin Endoscopes. Through the Lab Venture Challenge, Venture Partners at CU Boulder funds the top innovations showing high commercial potential, a clear path to a compelling market, and strong scientific support. In just the last 3 years, more than 20 commercially promising projects at CU Boulder have received funding through this program. Those same awards are associated with 16 new startup companies, with many having already raised further capital, demonstrating a powerful way to advance innovative research and translate it into impactful business ventures.

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Congrats to Michael Tanksalvala, Yuka Esashi, Christina Porter, Michael Gerrity, Ting Liao, Margaret Murnane (JILA), Seth Cousin, Daisy Raymondson, Brennan Peterson, and Henry Kapteyn (KMLabs) for Receiving the R&D 100 Award for the QM Quantum Microscope

October 29, 2019|R&D World|

Winners of the R&D 100 Awards have been announced by R&D World magazine and its new parent company, WTWH Media, LLC. “This awards program is so well recognized across the R&D community. Being named as one of the R&D 100 is an incredible honor,” said Paul J. Heney, Vice President, Editorial Director for R&D World. “These 100 winning products and technologies are the disruptors that will change industries and make the world a better place in the coming years.”

Analytical/Test Category:

QM Quantum Microscope – Next Generation Microscopy & Analysis
KMLabs, Inc.
JILA at the University of Colorado, the STROBE center

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