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Congrats to Yongsoo Yang for winning the Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research at UCLA

On January 10, 2017 UCLA’s postdoctoral scholars were honored for their important contributions to the university’s interrelated missions of research, teaching, and public service at the 2017 Postdoctoral Scholars Reception & Awards Ceremony at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute. The 2017 Chancellor’s Awards for Postdoctoral Research were also presented that same day. Of the 1,314 postdoctoral scholars, 18 were nominated for this prestigious award that recognizes individual research accomplishments that show clear potential to have meaningful and enduring implications in their field.

Congrats to University of Colorado graduate student Elisabeth Shanblatt for winning the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Computational Imaging

The field of Computational Photography seeks to create new photographic functionalities and experiences that go beyond what is possible with traditional cameras and image processing tools. The IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography is organized with the vision of fostering the community of researchers, from many different disciplines, working on computational photography.

Congrats to John Miao on election as a Fellow of the American Physical Society

Five UCLA faculty members have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society for its class of 2016. Recipients are nominated by professional peers and selected by the Society. The honor recognizes “exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise,” such as outstanding physics research, important applications of physics, leadership in or service to physics and significant contributions to physics education.

Congrats to Noah Finkelstein on his NSF INCLUDES Grant

Education pathways have grown increasingly complex in recent decades and today are characterized by a multitude of entry points, stops and starts, longer times to degrees, and changing career directions. As a result, the STEM “pipeline” metaphor has become outdated, and the current institutional structures are not well suited to meeting the educational needs of today’s students.

Congrats to Ryan Haaland for securing $300K at Fort Lewis College to educate physics and engineers in startups

Ryan Haaland is the chair and a professor of Physics and Engineering at Fort Lewis College. He joined the college in 2006 and has served as department chair since 2010. Dr. Haaland conducts research in upper atmospheric electricity, physics education and space situational awareness. For over a decade, he has studied high-speed optical measurements of electrical discharge phenomena in the upper atmosphere.

Congrats to Ryan Haaland on his 2016-17 Achievement Award at Fort Lewis College

Dr. Ryan Haaland, chair of the Fort Lewis College Department of Physics & Engineering, has led his department through a stunning period of growth and change. Student enrollment in the program has exploded over the last few years, and that increased interest will likely continue once the new Geosciences, Physics & Engineering (GPE) Hall, a facility which Dr. Haaland worked hard to make a reality, is completed in fall 2016.

Congrats to Ke Xu on his Packard Fellowship

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation named 18 of the nation’s most innovative early-career scientists and engineers as recipients of the 2016 Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering. Each Fellow will receive a grant of $875,000 over five years to pursue their research.

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