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Learned reconstructions for practical mask-based lensless imaging

K. Monakhova, J. Yurtsever, G. Kuo, N. Antipa, K. Yanny, L. Waller, Optics Express, 27, 28075, (2019).

Characterization of Reactive Organometallic Species via MicroED

C. G. Jones, M. Asay, L. Kim, J. F. Kleinsasser, A. Saha, T. J. Fulton, K. R. Berkley, D. Cascio, A. G. Malyutin, M. P. Conley, B. M. Stoltz, V. Lavallo, J. A. Rodríguez, H. M. Nelson, ACS Central Science, 5, 1507-1513, (2019).

Multimodal x-ray and electron microscopy of the Allende meteorite

Y. Lo, C. Liao, J. Zhou, A. Rana, C. S. Bevis, G. Gui, B. Enders, K. M. Cannon, Y. Yu, R. Celestre, K. Nowrouzi, D. Shapiro, H. Kapteyn, R. Falcone, C. Bennett, M. Murnane, J. Miao, Science Advances, 5, eaax3009, (2019).

DNA-Packing Portal and Capsid-Associated Tegument Complexes in the Tumor Herpesvirus KSHV

D. Gong, X. Dai, J. Jih, Y. Liu, G. Bi, R. Sun, Z. Hong Zhou, Cell, 178, 1329-1343.e12, (2019).

A unified mechanism for intron and exon definition and back-splicing

X. Li, S. Liu, L. Zhang, A. Issaian, R. C. Hill, S. Espinosa, S. Shi, Y. Cui, K. Kappel, R. Das, K. C. Hansen, Z. Hong Zhou, R. Zhao, Nature, 573, 375-380, (2019).

CryoEM structures of Arabidopsis DDR complexes involved in RNA-directed DNA methylation

S. Wongpalee, S. Liu, J. Gallego-Bartolomé, A. Leitner, R. Aebersold, W. Liu, L. Yen, M. A. Nohales, P. Kuo, A. A. Vashisht, J. A. Wohlschlegel, S. Feng, S. A. Kay, Z. Hong Zhou, S. E. Jacobsen, Nature Communications, 10, 3916, (2019).

Wavefront shaping in complex media with a 350 kHz modulator via a 1D-to-2D transform

O. Tzang, E. Niv, S. Singh, S. Labouesse, G. Myatt, R. Piestun, Nature Photonics, 13, 788-793, (2019).

Oblique-plane single-molecule localization microscopy for tissues and small intact animals

J. Kim, M. Wojcik, Y. Wang, S. Moon, E. A. Zin, N. Marnani, Z. L. Newman, J. G. Flannery, K. Xu, X. Zhang, Nature Methods, 16, 853-857, (2019).

Deconstructing Black physics identity: Linking individual and social constructs using the critical physics identity framework

S. Hyater-Adams, C. Fracchiolla, T. Williams, N. Finkelstein, K. Hinko, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 15, 020115, (2019).

In situ structures of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inside bluetongue virus before and after uncoating

Y. He, S. Shivakoti, K. Ding, Y. Cui, P. Roy, Z. Hong Zhou, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116, 16535-16540, (2019).

Light-Assisted Diazonium Functionalization of Graphene and Spatial Heterogeneities in Reactivity

Y. Li, W. Li, M. Wojcik, B. Wang, L. Lin, M. B. Raschke, K. Xu, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 4788-4793, (2019).

Knife-edge based measurement of the 4D transverse phase space of electron beams with picometer-scale emittance

F. Ji, J. Navarro, P. Musumeci, D. B. Durham, A. M. Minor, D. Filippetto, Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 15, 082801, (2019).

Data-driven challenges and opportunities in crystallography

C. Glynn, J. A. Rodriguez, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences, 3, 423-432, (2019).

Speckle-structured illumination for 3D phase and fluorescence computational microscopy

L. Yeh, S. Chowdhury, N. A. Repina, L. Waller, Biomedical Optics Express, 10, 3635, (2019).

Observing crystal nucleation in four dimensions using atomic electron tomography

J. Zhou, Y. Yang, Y. Yang, D. S. Kim, A. Yuan, X. Tian, C. Ophus, F. Sun, A. K. Schmid, M. Nathanson, H. Heinz, Q. An, H. Zeng, P. Ercius, J. Miao, Nature, 570, 500-503, (2019).

Improved Surface Functionalization and Characterization of Membrane-Targeted Semiconductor Voltage Nanosensors

J. Park, Y. Kuo, J. Li, Y. Huang, E. W. Miller, S. Weiss, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10, 3906-3913, (2019).

Ultrasensitive Tip- and Antenna-Enhanced Infrared Nanoscopy of Protein Complexes

B. T. O’Callahan, M. Hentschel, M. B. Raschke, P. Z. El-Khoury, A. tt Lea, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123, 17505-17509, (2019).

Advances in in situ nanomechanical testing

A. M. Minor, G. Dehm, MRS Bulletin, 44, 438-442, (2019).

Deep learning for single-shot autofocus microscopy

H. Pinkard, Z. Phillips, A. Babakhani, D. A. Fletcher, L. Waller, Optica, 6, 794, (2019).

Direct observation of picosecond melting and disintegration of metallic nanoparticles

Y. Ihm, D. Cho, D. Sung, D. Nam, C. Jung, T. Sato, S. Kim, J. Park, S. Kim, M. Gallagher-Jones, Y. Kim, R. Xu, S. Owada, J. Shim, K. Tono, M. Yabashi, T. Ishikawa, J. Miao, D. Noh, C. Song, Nature Communications, 10, 2411, (2019).

Cryo-EM structures of herpes simplex virus type 1 portal vertex and packaged genome

Y. Liu, J. Jih, X. Dai, G. Bi, Z. ng Zhou, Nature, 570, 257-261, (2019).

Ultrafast Relativistic Electron Nanoprobes

F. F. Ji, D. B. Durham, A. M. Minor, P. P. Musumeci, J. G. Navarro, D. D. Filippetto, Communications Physics, 2, 54, (2019).

In situ structures of rotavirus polymerase in action and mechanism of mRNA transcription and release

K. Ding, C. C. Celma, X. Zhang, T. Chang, W. Shen, I. Atanasov, P. Roy, Z. Hong Zhou, Nature Communications, 10, 2216, (2019).

Elastin-Dependent Aortic Heart Valve Leaflet Curvature Changes During Cyclic Flexure

M. D. Tesfamariam, A. M. Mirza, D. Chaparro, A. Z. Ali, R. Montalvan, I. Saytashev, B. A. Gonzalez, A. Barreto, J. Ramella-Roman, J. D. Hutcheson, S. Ramaswamy, Bioengineering, 6, 39, (2019).

Spectral image scanning microscopy

F. Strasser, M. Offterdinger, R. Piestun, A. Jesacher, Biomedical Optics Express, 10, 2513, (2019).

Moments reconstruction and local dynamic range compression of high order superresolution optical fluctuation imaging

X. Yi, S. Son, R. Ando, A. Miyawaki, S. Weiss, Biomedical Optics Express, 10, 2430, (2019).

Information-rich localization microscopy through machine learning

T. Kim, S. Moon, K. Xu, Nature Communications, 10, 1996, (2019).

Investigating the dynamics of ontological reasoning across contexts in quantum physics

J. R. Hoehn, J. D. Gifford, N. D. Finkelstein, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 15, 010124, (2019).

Structure of the human ClC-1 chloride channel

K. Wang, S. Preisler, L. Zhang, Y. Cui, J. Missel, C. Grønberg, K. Gotfryd, E. Lindahl, M. Andersson, K. Calloe, P. F. Egea, D. Klaerke, M. Pusch, P. Pedersen, Z. Hong Zhou, P. Gourdon, PLOS Biology, 17, e3000218, (2019).

A 3.8 Å resolution cryo-EM structure of a small protein bound to an imaging scaffold

Y. Liu, D. T. Huynh, T. O. Yeates, Nature Communications, 10, 1864, (2019).

Fostering sustainable improvements in science education: An analysis through four frames

D. L. Reinholz, C. Ngai, G. Quan, M. E. Pilgrim, J. C. Corbo, N. Finkelstein, Science Education, 103, 1125-1150, (2019).

Advanced denoising for X-ray ptychography

H. Chang, P. Enfedaque, J. Zhang, J. Reinhardt, B. Enders, Y. Yu, D. Shapiro, C. G. Schroer, T. Zeng, S. Marchesini, Optics Express, 27, 10395, (2019).

Infrared nanospectroscopic imaging in the rotating frame

S. C. Johnson, E. A. Muller, O. Khatib, E. A. Bonnin, A. C. Gagnon, M. B. Raschke, Optica, 6, 424, (2019).

Recent advances in ultrafast X-ray sources

R. Schoenlein, T. Elsaesser, K. Holldack, Z. Huang, H. Kapteyn, M. Murnane, M. Woerner, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 377, 20180384, (2019).

pH-dependent gating mechanism of the Helicobacter pylori urea channel revealed by cryo-EM

Y. Cui, K. Zhou, D. Strugatsky, Y. Wen, G. Sachs, Z. Hong Zhou, K. Munson, Science Advances, 5, eaav8423, (2019).

Physics-based Learned Design: Optimized Coded-Illumination for Quantitative Phase Imaging

M. R. Kellman, E. Bostan, N. A. Repina, L. Waller, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 344-353, (2019).

Optical phantoms for biomedical polarimetry: a review

J. Chue-Sang, M. Gonzalez, A. Pierre, M. Laughrey, I. Saytashev, T. Novikova, J. C. Ramella-Roman, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 24, 1, (2019).

Homochiral and racemic MicroED structures of a peptide repeat from the ice-nucleation protein InaZ

C. Zee, C. Glynn, M. Gallagher-Jones, J. Miao, C. G. Santiago, D. Cascio, T. Gonen, M. R. Sawaya, J. A. Rodriguez, IUCrJ, 6, 197-205, (2019).

Atomic structures and deletion mutant reveal different capsid-binding patterns and functional significance of tegument protein pp150 in murine and human cytomegaloviruses with implications for therapeutic development

W. Liu, X. Dai, J. Jih, K. Chan, P. Trang, X. Yu, R. Balogun, Y. Mei, F. Liu, Z. Hong Zhou, PLOS Pathogens, 15, e1007615, (2019).

Excitation and Emission Transition Dipoles of Type-II Semiconductor Nanorods

S. Ghosh, A. M. Chizhik, G. Yang, N. Karedla, I. Gregor, D. Oron, S. Weiss, J. Enderlein, A. I. Chizhik, Nano Letters, 19, 1695-1700, (2019).

Atomic structure of the translation regulatory protein NS1 of bluetongue virus

A. Kerviel, P. Ge, M. Lai, J. Jih, M. Boyce, X. Zhang, Z. Hong Zhou, P. Roy, Nature Microbiology, 4, 837-845, (2019).

Two-photon PSF-engineered image scanning microscopy

O. Tzang, D. Feldkhun, A. Agrawal, A. Jesacher, R. Piestun, Optics Letters, 44, 895, (2019).

Engineering Nanoscale Thermal Transport: Size- and Spacing-Dependent Cooling of Nanostructures

T. D. Frazer, J. L. Knobloch, K. M. Hoogeboom-Pot, D. Nardi, W. Chao, R. W. Falcone, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, J. N. Hernandez-Charpak, Physical Review Applied, 11, 024042, (2019).

Focusability of laser pulses at petawatt transport intensities in thin-film compression

D. M. Farinella, J. J. Wheeler, A. E. Hussein, J. J. Nees, M. M. Stanfield, N. N. Beier, Y. Y. Ma, G. G. Cojocaru, R. R. Ungureanu, M. M. Pittman, J. J. Demailly, E. E. Baynard, R. R. Fabbri, M. M. Masruri, R. R. Secareanu, A. A. Naziru, R. R. Dabu, A. A. Maksimchuk, K. K. Krushelnick, D. D. Ros, G. G. Mourou, T. T. Tajima, F. F. Dollar, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 36, A28, (2018).

Temporal magnification for streaked ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy

D. D. Cesar, P. P. Musumeci, Ultramicroscopy, 199, 1-6, (2019).

Generalized proximal smoothing (GPS) for phase retrieval

M. Pham, P. Yin, A. Rana, S. Osher, J. Miao, Optics Express, 17, 2792-2808, (2019).

Nanoscale mosaicity revealed in peptide microcrystals by scanning electron nanodiffraction

M. Gallagher-Jones, C. Ophus, K. C. Bustillo, D. R. Boyer, O. Panova, C. Glynn, C. Zee, J. Ciston, K. Mancia, A. M. Minor, J. A. Rodriguez, Communications Biology, 2, 26, (2019).

Focusing and scanning through scattering media in microseconds

D. Feldkhun, O. Tzang, K. H. Wagner, R. Piestun, Optica, 6, 72, (2019).

Blended coarse gradient descent for full quantization of deep neural networks

P. Yin, S. Zhang, J. Lyu, S. Osher, Y. Qi, J. Xin, Research in the Mathematical Sciences, 6, 14, (2019).

Atomic structures of enterovirus D68 in complex with two monoclonal antibodies define distinct mechanisms of viral neutralization

Q. Zheng, R. Zhu, L. Xu, M. He, X. Yan, D. Liu, Z. Yin, Y. Wu, Y. Li, L. Yang, W. Hou, S. Li, Z. Li, Z. Chen, Z. Li, H. Yu, Y. Gu, J. Zhang, T. S. Baker, Z. Hong Zhou, B. S. Graham, T. Cheng, S. Li, N. Xia, Nature Microbiology, 4, 124-133, (2018).
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