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Homochiral and racemic MicroED structures of a peptide repeat from the ice-nucleation protein InaZ

C. Zee, C. Glynn, M. Gallagher-Jones, J. Miao, C. G. Santiago, D. Cascio, T. Gonen, M. R. Sawaya, J. A. Rodriguez, IUCrJ, 6, 197-205, (2019).

Atomic structures and deletion mutant reveal different capsid-binding patterns and functional significance of tegument protein pp150 in murine and human cytomegaloviruses with implications for therapeutic development

W. Liu, X. Dai, J. Jih, K. Chan, P. Trang, X. Yu, R. Balogun, Y. Mei, F. Liu, Z. Hong Zhou, PLOS Pathogens, 15, e1007615, (2019).

Excitation and Emission Transition Dipoles of Type-II Semiconductor Nanorods

S. Ghosh, A. M. Chizhik, G. Yang, N. Karedla, I. Gregor, D. Oron, S. Weiss, J. Enderlein, A. I. Chizhik, Nano Letters, 19, 1695-1700, (2019).

Atomic structure of the translation regulatory protein NS1 of bluetongue virus

A. Kerviel, P. Ge, M. Lai, J. Jih, M. Boyce, X. Zhang, Z. Hong Zhou, P. Roy, Nature Microbiology, 4, 837-845, (2019).

Two-photon PSF-engineered image scanning microscopy

O. Tzang, D. Feldkhun, A. Agrawal, A. Jesacher, R. Piestun, Optics Letters, 44, 895, (2019).

Engineering Nanoscale Thermal Transport: Size- and Spacing-Dependent Cooling of Nanostructures

T. D. Frazer, J. L. Knobloch, K. M. Hoogeboom-Pot, D. Nardi, W. Chao, R. W. Falcone, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, J. N. Hernandez-Charpak, Physical Review Applied, 11, 024042, (2019).

Focusability of laser pulses at petawatt transport intensities in thin-film compression

D. M. Farinella, J. J. Wheeler, A. E. Hussein, J. J. Nees, M. M. Stanfield, N. N. Beier, Y. Y. Ma, G. G. Cojocaru, R. R. Ungureanu, M. M. Pittman, J. J. Demailly, E. E. Baynard, R. R. Fabbri, M. M. Masruri, R. R. Secareanu, A. A. Naziru, R. R. Dabu, A. A. Maksimchuk, K. K. Krushelnick, D. D. Ros, G. G. Mourou, T. T. Tajima, F. F. Dollar, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 36, A28, (2018).

Temporal magnification for streaked ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy

D. D. Cesar, P. P. Musumeci, Ultramicroscopy, 199, 1-6, (2019).

Generalized proximal smoothing (GPS) for phase retrieval

M. Pham, P. Yin, A. Rana, S. Osher, J. Miao, Optics Express, 17, 2792-2808, (2019).

Nanoscale mosaicity revealed in peptide microcrystals by scanning electron nanodiffraction

M. Gallagher-Jones, C. Ophus, K. C. Bustillo, D. R. Boyer, O. Panova, C. Glynn, C. Zee, J. Ciston, K. Mancia, A. M. Minor, J. A. Rodriguez, Communications Biology, 2, 26, (2019).

Focusing and scanning through scattering media in microseconds

D. Feldkhun, O. Tzang, K. H. Wagner, R. Piestun, Optica, 6, 72, (2019).

Blended coarse gradient descent for full quantization of deep neural networks

P. Yin, S. Zhang, J. Lyu, S. Osher, Y. Qi, J. Xin, Research in the Mathematical Sciences, 6, 14, (2019).

Atomic structures of enterovirus D68 in complex with two monoclonal antibodies define distinct mechanisms of viral neutralization

Q. Zheng, R. Zhu, L. Xu, M. He, X. Yan, D. Liu, Z. Yin, Y. Wu, Y. Li, L. Yang, W. Hou, S. Li, Z. Li, Z. Chen, Z. Li, H. Yu, Y. Gu, J. Zhang, T. S. Baker, Z. Hong Zhou, B. S. Graham, T. Cheng, S. Li, N. Xia, Nature Microbiology, 4, 124-133, (2018).



Ptychographic amplitude and phase reconstruction of bichromatic vortex beams

Y. Esashi, C. T. Liao, B. Wang, N. Brooks, K. M. Dorney, C. Hernández-García, H. Kapteyn, D. Adams, M. Murnane, Optics Express, 26, 34007, (2018).

Quantitative differential phase contrast (DPC) microscopy with computational aberration correction

M. Chen, Z. F. Phillips, L. Waller, Optics Express, 26, 32888-32899, (2018).

Different functional states of fusion protein gB revealed on human cytomegalovirus by cryo electron tomography with Volta phase plate

Z. Si, J. Zhang, S. Shivakoti, I. Atanasov, C. Tao, W. H. Hui, K. Zhou, X. Yu, W. Li, M. Luo, G. Bi, Z. Hong Zhou, PLOS Pathogens, 14, e1007452, (2018).

Atomic-Scale Structure and Stress Release Mechanism in Core–Shell Nanoparticles

M. Nathanson, K. Kanhaiya, A. Pryor, J. Miao, H. Heinz, ACS Nano, 12, 12296 - 12304, (2018).

Correlative 3D x-ray fluorescence and ptychographic tomography of frozen-hydrated green algae

J. Deng, Y. Lo, M. Gallagher-Jones, S. Chen, A. Pryor, Q. Jin, Y. Hong, Y. G. Nashed, S. Vogt, J. Miao, C. Jacobsen, Science Advances, 4, eaau4548, (2018).

STEM Imaging with Beam-Induced Hole and Secondary Electron Currents

W. A. Hubbard, M. Mecklenburg, H. Chan, B. C. Regan, Physical Review Applied, 10, (2018).

Full-field imaging of thermal and acoustic dynamics in an individual nanostructure using tabletop high harmonic beams

R. M. Karl, G. F. Mancini, J. L. Knobloch, T. D. Frazer, J. N. Hernandez-Charpak, B. Abad, D. F. Gardner, E. R. Shanblatt, M. Tanksalvala, C. L. Porter, C. S. Bevis, D. E. Adams, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, Science Advances, 4, eaau4295, (2018).

Motion-resolved quantitative phase imaging

M. Kellman, M. Chen, Z. F. Phillips, M. Lustig, L. Waller, Biomedical Optics Express, 9, 5456, (2018).

Characterizing the Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Nanorods for Single-Molecule Electrophysiology

Y. Kuo, J. Li, X. Michalet, A. Chizhik, N. Meir, O. Bar-Elli, E. Chan, D. Oron, J. Enderlein, S. Weiss, ACS Photonics, 5, 4788-4800, (2018).

Structural insights on TRPV5 gating by endogenous modulators

T. T. Hughes, R. A. Pumroy, A. Yazici, M. A. Kasimova, E. C. Fluck, K. W. Huynh, A. Samanta, S. K. Molugu, Z. Hong Zhou, V. Carnevale, T. Rohacs, V. Y. Moiseenkova-Bell, Nature Communications, 9, 4198, (2018).

Dynamic 2D implementation of 3D diffractive optics

H. Wang, R. Piestun, Optica, 5, 1220, (2018).

Discovery and structural characterization of a therapeutic antibody against coxsackievirus A10

R. Zhu, L. Xu, Q. Zheng, Y. Cui, S. Li, M. He, Z. Yin, D. Liu, S. Li, Z. Li, Z. Chen, H. Yu, Y. Que, C. Liu, Z. Kong, J. Zhang, T. S. Baker, X. Yan, Z. Hong Zhou, T. Cheng, N. Xia, Science Advances, 4, eaat7459, (2018).

Synergizing superresolution optical fluctuation imaging with single molecule localization microscopy

S. Schidorsky, X. Yi, Y. Razvag, J. Sajman, K. Hermon, S. Weiss, E. Sherman, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, 6, 045008, (2018).

Electron Ghost Imaging

S. S. Li, F. F. Cropp, K. K. Kabra, T. J. Lane, G. G. Wetzstein, P. P. Musumeci, D. D. Ratner, Physical Review Letters, 121, 114801, (2018).

Cryo-EM of full-length α-synuclein reveals fibril polymorphs with a common structural kernel

B. Li, P. Ge, K. A. Murray, P. Sheth, M. Zhang, G. Nair, M. R. Sawaya, W. Shin, D. R. Boyer, S. Ye, D. S. Eisenberg, Z. Hong Zhou, L. Jiang, Nature Communications, 9, 3609, (2018).

Malaria parasite translocon structure and mechanism of effector export

C. Ho, J. R. Beck, M. Lai, Y. Cui, D. E. Goldberg, P. F. Egea, Z. Hong Zhou, Nature, 561, 70 - 75, (2018).

Phase-transition–induced p-n junction in single halide perovskite nanowire

Q. Kong, W. Lee, M. Lai, C. G. Bischak, G. Gao, A. B. Wong, T. Lei, Y. Yu, L. Wang, N. S. Ginsberg, P. Yang, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 8889-8894, (2018).

Cryo-EM structure of the human α5β3 GABAA receptor

S. Liu, L. Xu, F. Guan, Y. Liu, Y. Cui, Q. Zhang, X. Zheng, G. Bi, Z. Hong Zhou, X. Zhang, S. Ye, Cell Research, 28, 958-961, (2018).

Building atomic models based on near atomic resolution cryoEM maps with existing tools

I. Yu, L. Nguyen, J. Avaylon, K. Wang, M. Lai, Z. Hong Zhou, Journal of Structural Biology, 204, 313-318, (2018).

Nanoimaging and Control of Molecular Vibrations through Electromagnetically Induced Scattering Reaching the Strong Coupling Regime

E. A. Muller, B. Pollard, H. A. Bechtel, R. Adato, D. Etezadi, H. Altug, M. B. Raschke, ACS Photonics, 5, 3594-3600, (2018).

In Situ Structures of the Polymerase Complex and RNA Genome Show How Aquareovirus Transcription Machineries Respond to Uncoating

K. Ding, L. Nguyen, Z. Hong Zhou, Journal of Virology, 92, e00774-18, (2018).

Aberration recovery by imaging a weak diffuser

G. Gunjala, S. Sherwin, A. Shanker, L. Waller, Optics Express, 26, 21054, (2018).

Block Matching Local SVD Operator Based Sparsity and TV Regularization for Image Denoising

J. Liu, S. Osher, Journal of Scientific Computing, 78, 607-624, (2018).

Quantitative characterization of high temperature oxidation using electron tomography and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

J. Zhou, M. Taylor, G. A. Melinte, A. J. Shahani, C. C. Dharmawardhana, H. Heinz, P. W. Voorhees, J. H. Perepezko, K. Bustillo, P. Ercius, J. Miao, Scientific Reports, 8, 10239, (2018).

Tunable Polaron Distortions Control the Extent of Halide Demixing in Lead Halide Perovskites

C. G. Bischak, A. B. Wong, E. Lin, D. T. Limmer, P. Yang, N. S. Ginsberg, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9, 3998-4005, (2018).

Super-Resolution Imaging of Clickable Graphene Nanoribbons Decorated with Fluorescent Dyes

D. Joshi, M. Hauser, G. Veber, A. Berl, K. Xu, F. R. Fischer, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140, 9574-9580, (2018).

Compressed sensing FTIR nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging

B. Kästner, F. Schmähling, A. Hornemann, G. Ulrich, A. Hoehl, M. Kruskopf, K. Pierz, M. B. Raschke, G. Wübbeler, C. Elster, Optics Express, 26, 18115, (2018).

Accumulation of Dense Core Vesicles in Hippocampal Synapses Following Chronic Inactivity

C. Tao, Y. Liu, Z. Hong Zhou, P. Lau, G. Bi, Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 12, (2018).

Adaptive wavefront shaping for controlling nonlinear multimode interactions in optical fibres

O. Tzang, A. M. Caravaca-Aguirre, K. Wagner, R. Piestun, Nature Photonics, 12, 368–374, (2018).

Understanding Chemical Bonding in Alloys and the Representation in Atomistic Simulations

J. Liu, E. Tennessen, J. Miao, Y. Huang, J. M. Rondinelli, H. Heinz, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 14996-15009, (2018).

Single-shot 3D coherent diffractive imaging of core-shell nanoparticles with elemental specificity

A. Pryor, A. Rana, R. Xu, J. A. Rodriguez, Y. Yang, M. Gallagher-Jones, H. Jiang, K. Kanhaiya, M. Nathanson, J. Park, S. Kim, S. Kim, D. Nam, Y. Yue, J. Fan, Z. Sun, B. Zhang, D. F. Gardner, C. Dias, Y. Joti, T. Hatsui, T. Kameshima, Y. Inubushi, K. Tono, J. Lee, M. Yabashi, C. Song, T. Ishikawa, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, H. Heinz, J. Miao, Scientific Reports, 8, 8284, (2018).

Structure of Telomerase with Telomeric DNA

J. Jiang, Y. Wang, L. Sušac, H. Chan, R. Basu, Z. Hong Zhou, J. Feigon, Cell, 173, 1179-1190.e13, (2018).

Far Infrared Synchrotron Near-Field Nanoimaging and Nanospectroscopy

O. Khatib, H. A. Bechtel, M. C. Martin, M. B. Raschke, G. ce Carr, ACS Photonics, 5, 2773-2779, (2018).

In situ coherent diffractive imaging

Y. Lo, L. Zhao, M. Gallagher-Jones, A. Rana, J. J. Lodico, W. Xiao, B. C. Regan, J. Miao, Nature Communications, 9, (2018).

Analysis of Global and Site-Specific Radiation Damage in Cryo-EM

J. Hattne, D. Shi, C. Glynn, C. Zee, M. Gallagher-Jones, M. W. Martynowycz, J. A. Rodriguez, T. Gonen, Structure, 26, 759-766.e4, (2018).

Students’ flexible use of ontologies and the value of tentative reasoning: Examples of conceptual understanding in three canonical topics of quantum mechanics

J. R. Hoehn, N. D. Finkelstein, Physical Review Physics Education Research, 14, 010122, (2018).

Structure of the herpes simplex virus 1 capsid with associated tegument protein complexes

X. Dai, Z. Hong Zhou, Science, 360, eaao7298, (2018).
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